1no Kohora Gaon, Bogorijuri Kaziranga National Park ,            Dist: Golaghat, Assam (India) Pin:785109


Few words from our esteemed guest.


Antony and Julie Trott... From Florida,USA  
Enjoyable friendly stuff, clean rooms would like to see the Blue Napped Pitta.
Peter and Martin... From Lonybryn,Bangor, U.K    
The best food we have ever had in India. This is our 10th Visit. The stuff are so conscious and helpful We will tell all our traveling friends to visit Assam.  
David Christopher ... From USA
Very Comfortable rooms and excellent service, Helpful stuff.

George Steinhauser, Australia:- Thank you very much, I enjoyed the time here, I will certainly come back.

Katie Millard, U.K :- what a fabulous stay. We were looked after beautifully from beginning to end. A truly fantastic experience........... especially the


Dr. Rainer Steckenesser Germany:- Very good hospitality, meals extremely good. Thanks of kind service I hope will come back. thanks for the excellent food and clean service.

Jane Goold and Andrew Gerber, USA:- One night stay was to short! We enjoyed the park and hotel very much!

Manereraanna Salitafontana Ferro, Italy:- Staff very kind, rooms comfortable and delicious food. Thanks for everything.

Rangayne Wood, Kenya:- Great staff and wonderful food! Exciting safaries - saw a vanishing tiger !

Jokim Erikson, Sweeden:- I am very much satisfied and pleased with the staff here at Bonhabi. I think the service was excellent as well as the food Boddia !

M Vieren Montoye and Mrs. Cistelse Steenweg, Belgium:- We were both very pleased of the service and food ! Our congratulations.

Aried, Hongkong, Japan:- Wonderful day we were looked after well. Thanks !

Jesus Rodrigure and Martin Osorio, Spain:- A peaceful place for a unforgettable holidays. Very friendly people, a good food and comfortable rooms, highly recommended.

Oulta Joseph, France:- Very clean, quiet good foods, and staff very pleasant.

Peter, Frances Martin, UK:- The best food we have ever had in India, this is our 10 th visit. the staff are so courteous, helpful. We will tell all our travelling friends to visit Assam.

Mr. Lundmark, Sweeden:- Absolutely marvelous place to stay with the most friendly staff in India.

Mr Hylherna, Holland. Cleanest Hotel in India, Great !!

Bill Gillmuur . Edenburg UK. You all are wonderful. ! 




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